Join the spice bazaar team on amazing culinary journeys both here and across the world!

We cook delectable dishes from across the globe in our cooking school so you can join in and replicate at home.  We also showcase incredible street food from far flung places including Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Philipines, Europe and more! 
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We Share amazing Thailand Food in 2 mins



Make Sri Lankan Black Pepper Chicken Curry!

Sicilian Octopus Pasta at home

Cook the famous Malaysian Char Qway Teow

We Share amazing Thailand Food in 2 mins



Japanese Cooking Class at Spice Bazaar (90 seconds)


Phillipines Food Adventure (5 minutes)

Taste The World take a 20 hour foodie layover video in Manila take in
coastal views with local beers, enjoy a traditional array of dinner and 
breakfast foods.  (2019)



Osaka Street Food at Kuramon Market (4 mins)

Taste The World explores the exciting Kuramon Market in search of
world class sashimi, suchi and much more.  (2019)


Stunning Japanese Alps and Food at KamiKochi (8 mins)

Join the Taste the World team as we take you through amazing walks 
through rugged snow-capped scenery, explore traditional tatarmi rooms 
and exciting food (2019).


Class Pat Cooks Pad Thai in Bangkok Streets (2 mins)

Watch Taste the World team take over a traditional street cart in 
Bangkok to cook an authentic Pad Thai and be hailed by the vendor
as "Number one chef" !  

We share Best of Japan from our 19 day trip! (8 mins)

Check out the Taste the World U tube Channel!

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