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Sri Lankan & Indian Cooking Class

Learn secrets of the great spice cuisines as you make curry through spice blends and pastes. Learn to control texture and heat and some different cooking methods for curries.  Presenting the complex rich flavours of Sri Lanka, demystified by Spice Bazaar's exciting menu! Learn about the spices that are among the world's most complex and flavoursome - memorable curries, great spicy condiments and desserts!!

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Seeni Sambal (Sri Lankan) 

Coconut & Tamarind Sambal (Indian)

a delicious tangy, spiced condiment that has the texture and tempering of coconut

irresistible thin bowl-shaped Sri Lankan breads that are the perfect way to enjoy the delicious sambals

Red Lentil Dahl With Garam Masala

no Indian menu would be complete without the classic - dahl! This one uses red lentils and garam masala

Sweet Pumpkin & Roasted Coconut Broth

stunning, aromatic broth showcases sweet fruit, Indian aromatics with a crispy textured coconut topping. Vegetarian heaven!

Aromatic Sri Lankan Curry presented 2 ways - Seafood/Chicken
gorgeous layers of complex yet delicate Sri Lankan spices highlight the luscious seafood or chicken  flavours of this traditional coconut based curry

 Wattalappan - Creme Caramel With Palm Sugar & Cashew Nuts
this Sri Lankan dessert has gorgeous texture, sweetness with some texture. Simply delicious!

Indicative menu only. We reserve the right to vary the menu somewhat based on seasonality, ingredient quality/availability, menu refinement and chef's inspiration!

We will endeavour to accommodate dietary requirements if made aware on booking. 
Due to the nature of taking part in a group activity, however, it is unfeasible to omit certain ingredients from all dishes in a class.
Some of our classes are more appropriate than others for those with dietary requirements - please contact us for further information on suitability of class menus.

Allergens present in classes: nuts - seafood - wheat - dairy - egg

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